About Fattoria

Thirty years after our story began, we are back to the same legendary corner in São Paulo where it all started.

Back to the same landmark building where we opened our first restaurant – and where we will now write a new chapter with Fattoria Ráscal.

An à la carte restaurant where we bring together the Mediterranean cuisine that is in our DNA to the Levante region, using ingredients sourced from small producers. Here, everything is fresh and seasonal.

These same principles are part of Nadia Pizzo’s history – our chef who was born and raised in a small village in the Italian region of Liguria.

And this is why we always work with fresh ingredients and homemade food. Our pasta is made at the moment the customer places the order, right in front of the patrons eyes, so that everyone can watch this beautiful cooking ritual through the large glass wall that protects our pasta factory.

We also take advantage of the primitive power of fire. Beef, fish, seafood and rice dishes are all finalized over a charcoal grill. Our individual pizzas with contemporary toppings are baked on a wood-fired oven.

Just like our kitchen, the restaurant’s atmosphere takes us on a journey to the simplicity and freshness of the Mediterranean. Decorated in shades of sand, beige and green and using rustic materials, the architectural project by Estúdio Penha reminds us of the beautiful Mediterranean shores.

Meet our chef

Nadia Pizzo

Nadia spent her childhood in Bussana Vecchia, Liguria, Italy – a place she describes as a tiny piece of land between the mountains and the sea, where there are no plains and villages sprout up in ancient rocky terrain. Her parents once had an ice cream cone factory in the city, but they sold the business and decided to make a living of family farming – an activity they have always loved. The wanted to lead a simple life. The couple had two small gardens, a plot of land with some grapevines and about 100 olive trees. They made wine and olive oil which they sold unlabeled to their neighbors and to whoever knocked on their door at the end of a working day. Everyone in town knew the quality of their produce.

They had only what was essential: some chicken and a couple of rabbits; they personally knew the local fisherman, cleaned the fish by the shore and loved sardines – out of which Nadia’s mother made sardinara. From the small local market they bought beef (raised in cattle farms around town), cheese and classic Italian bread. But most of their food came from their homegrown gardens, which the parents cultivated everyday while Nadia and her sister ran among the amarena cherry and peach trees and played with neighboring kids.

At the family table, food was a constant subject. The ate lunch thinking about what would be for dinner. The village had no restaurant. Nadia recalls that cooking was such an integral part of her daily routine that she never actually thought it could be a profession. At the age of 18 she left home for Milan, where she studied fashion at the Istituto Marongoni. Right after graduation she met a young Brazilian photographer and two weeks later the couple moved to Brazil. Nadia worked as a fashion designer for a couple of years. She enjoyed the creative side of the profession, but missed her simple childhood lifestyle. She took some time to dedicate herself to her daughters – and cooked lots of delicious food at home. One day she finally started working as a cooking teacher for young adults at the Acaia Institute. That’s where she met Liane – also a teacher, Ráscal’s founder and at the time a cook at the restaurant. After some years creating recipes that would become Ráscal classics – such as our ravioli and apple pie –, Liane invited her to become the restaurant’s chef. She wanted someone capable of bringing a fresh perspective and at the same time of preserving the essence of fresh ingredients, which had always guided her cooking.

Liane and Nadia recognized each other as kindred spirits.

Our bar

We are located in a vibrant and buzzing region of São Paulo, with an intense and diverse cultural life.

It is just natural, then, that our bar should shine by itself.

We didn’t have to go very far to find the right person to build “the” bar we wanted to have at Fattoria: Mauricio Barbosa, from Tujuína, one of the most renowned and respected bartenders in town, was invited to set up our cocktail menu and train our staff.

That’s how we’ve achieved a mix of both classic and signature drinks which make a perfect match to the dishes coming out of our kitchen. All the cocktails can also (why not?) be a perfect choice for those who just want to sit at the counter and have a drink or a night cap after watching a concert or a play. We offer contemporary mixology with fresh and surprising creations.